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Drafting a Will? How to Choose a Guardian for Any Minor Children January 29, 2019

Central Whidbey Island, Island
Drafting a Will? How to Choose a Guardian for Any Minor Children, Central Whidbey Island, Washington

Thinking about your own mortality may not be easy, but if you have children, it’s essential to plan for all eventualities. This includes naming a guardian in your will. If something were to happen to both you and their other parent, the guardian would obtain physical and legal custody. Naturally, choosing someone to fill that role is a big decision that demands considerable thought. Here are a few tips for getting started with selecting a guardian. 

Consider the Logistics 

willsPeople are often inclined to name their own parents as guardians. While this can be an ideal arrangement, it’s important to consider the logistics of doing so. If your parents are quite a bit older, for example, but your children are still in the toddler stage, it may be wise to choose someone who is better equipped to handle rambunctious kids. Other logistics to consider include geography, finances, and stability. 

Tackle It Together 

Regardless of whether you’re still married to your children’s other parent, it’s essential to choose a guardian together. Fortunately, that means you’re not alone in making such a big decision. Just remember to approach the discussion with an open mind. It’s natural for each parent to prioritize their own immediate family members, thereby discounting the other parent’s family. Take every potential guardian into consideration and prioritize the children’s best interests above all else. 


The compassionate team at McPherson & McPherson Attorneys at Law knows how challenging estate planning can be. That’s why they are happy to walk clients through every stage of the process at their own pace. Practicing out of Coupeville, WA, this firm was founded in 1997 and has been providing comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas ever since. In addition to wills and trusts, they can assist with probate, divorce, child custody, and landlord/tenant disputes. To learn more about their estate planning services, visit their website. To start drafting your will, call (360) 678-4407.

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