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Top 3 Winter Advantages of a Retaining Wall February 11, 2019

Greece, Monroe
Top 3 Winter Advantages of a Retaining Wall, Greece, New York

A retaining wall is an attractive landscaping design feature that offers homeowners several benefits. Some of these advantages apply all year round, such as the aesthetic appeal and additional functional yard space. However, some are particularly important during winter. Below are some of the key winter benefits of having a masonry contractor construct a retaining wall in your yard.

Why a Retaining Wall is Beneficial in the Winter

1. Less Soil Erosion

The key advantage of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion. The freeze-thaw cycle of winter makes steeply graded topsoil particularly vulnerable to erosion when large quantities of snow collect at the top of a grade and melt quickly over a short period. A retaining wall levels out the slope and prevents melting snow from washing away the soil.

2. Easier Plant Coverage

masonry contractorTo cover small plants to protect them against frost, homeowners must bend and squat at ground level. The process can take an hour or more, depending on the size of the garden bed, and these exertions can be problematic for people with mobility issues. By hiring a masonry contractor to raise a bed and support it with a retaining wall, you can enjoy easier access, less physical stress, and a place to sit while laying out the frost protectors.

3. Better Temperature Control

Sloping ground receives an uneven amount of sunlight. Because of this, the soil at the sunny top of a hill may be considerably warmer than the soil in the shade at the bottom. By removing the slope and leveling out the gardens using one or more retaining walls, it gives you better temperature control of the soil, helps prevent frost damage, and keeps your landscape plants healthier.



To hire an experienced masonry contractor to build you a retaining wall, contact American Masonry & Chimney Corp in Rochester, NY. They also maintain a second location in Buffalo, NY, and have been serving Monroe and Erie counties for more than 50 years. In addition to retaining walls, they also specialize in chimney repair and fireplace installation. Visit their website to view a list of their services or call (585) 865-4170 to schedule a consultation with a masonry contractor. 

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