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What to Consider When Naming a Medical Power of Attorney February 5, 2019

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What to Consider When Naming a Medical Power of Attorney, Wahoo, Nebraska

Choosing a medical power of attorney (POA) is a critical component of estate planning. Since this person will be responsible for making health care decisions for you if you ever become incapacitated, think seriously about the kind of person who would be best for the job. The guide below explains some of the qualities they should possess.

3 Desirable Attributes in a Medical Power of Attorney 

1. Geography 

If there were some kind of emergency, your medical POA might have to report to the hospital in a matter of hours. Therefore, it is wise to choose someone who lives reasonably close or at least has the flexibility to hop on a plane right away if necessary. 

2. Education 

attorneyYour medical power of attorney does not necessarily have to be a doctor, but it is best to choose someone who has some understanding of end-of-life care. At the very least, you should be confident that this relative or friend will carry out your wishes and that they have the resources to research any unanticipated complications not addressed in your living will. 

3. Assertiveness 

It’s common for families to argue in the wake of tragedy. Tension is running high, and everyone copes with the stress differently. At the end of the day, your medical POA must be assertive enough to shut down anyone who challenges the terms you've outlined. 


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