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5 Smart Packing Tips for a Move January 29, 2019

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5 Smart Packing Tips for a Move, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Packing doesn’t have to be an exceedingly stressful experience. By working through the logistics of the haul beforehand and enlisting some helpful tips, the process will go more smoothly. Below are a few ideas to consider as you plan your move. 

Tips for Stress-Free Packing

1. Start Early

Even if you’re not leaving for a couple of months, you can get started now. Getting a head start will means you won’t scramble to get everything done last minute. Start packing a box or two a day with items you won’t need to use before your move.

2. Purge Unwanted Belongings

People naturally accumulate clutter while living in a home. Moving is the perfect opportunity to go through all your belongings and donate or throw out things you don’t need or want. There’s no point in packing and hauling those extra belongings to your new place if you plan to get rid of them in the future. 

3. Label Clearly

haulLabeling will make unpacking much easier. Color code each box by room using dot stickers or strips of tape. This way, movers will know what room in the new house to place each box in. Then, use a sharpie to list everything inside the box. If you need something specific, you should be able to find it simply by looking at the labels on your boxes.

4. Use the Right Tools

Arming yourself with the right tools ahead of time will make packing go more quickly and keep your items from breaking. Buy boxes of different sizes—smaller boxes for heavier items—packing tape, sharpies, labeling tape or stickers, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap.

5. Trust the Haul to the Pros

Moving day is busy enough without having to haul all the heavy boxes and furniture yourself. Hire professional movers who can do all the heavy lifting for you. You’ll avoid getting injured, damaging your belongings, and getting too stressed out on moving day.


The team at C & W Trucking are the trusted experts who will haul your belongings to your new home in Bayfield County, WI, and the surrounding area. Whether they are trucking sand and gravel, topsoil or your personal belongings, they’ll treat it as the precious cargo it is. Call (715) 779-5628 to request a free estimate and leave a review for them on Yelp®!

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