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5 Gorgeous Plants to Grow on an Arbor January 30, 2019

Farmers Branch, Dallas County
5 Gorgeous Plants to Grow on an Arbor, Farmers Branch, Texas

If you're looking for ways to decorate your garden, a graceful arbor or pergola draped in lush climbing vines is a beautiful touch. This design element helps create a multilayered look and establish a classic, elegant feel—but only if the vine is healthy and attractive. To make sure you're getting the look you want, here is a list of five plants that do well in this setting.

5 Types of Vines to Grow on an Arbor

1. Grapes

If you're looking for both a classic appearance and tasty fruit, a grapevine is your best bet. There are many varieties available, each with its own characteristic flavor and color. Grapes don't need as much water as many other fruit-bearing plants once they're established.

2. Five-Leaf Akebia

Widely known as the chocolate vine, this is the plant to choose for more exotic flowers and fruit. It bears dark purple-brown blossoms which smell like chocolate. It can also grow in both full sun and shade, though it does better in sunlight.

3. Bougainvillea

ArborsFor a flood of blossoms in purple, red, or dark pink, bougainvillea is an easy choice. It flourishes in sun and heat, and if it's warm enough, can flower almost all year round. Young vines need plenty of water, but older plants are drought tolerant.

4. Wisteria

These dreamlike vines create streamers and curtains of lavender blossoms known for their lovely scent. Depending on the variety, they may bloom in spring or summer. Just be aware that these plants need regular pruning.

5. Climbing Roses

For a wider variety of color options, look to the many types of climbing roses available. They include white, red, pink, peach, yellow, orange, and purple blossoms. They're also easier to care for than bush roses.


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