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How to Arrange Transportation for a Work Trip February 28, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
How to Arrange Transportation for a Work Trip, Brooklyn, New York

If you're planning for your employees to attend a large corporate event or enjoy a retreat together, you need to arrange transportation for the trip. There are a number of options including taxis, buses, and planes, depending on the number of people going and the distance to be traveled. While the exact details will depend upon your needs, here are some general tips for corporate transportation.

3 Steps to Arrange Corporate Event Transportation

1. Meet at the Office

Traveling individually can be both less organized and more costly. Traveling together in a group allows you to arrange package deals on transportation while giving you a chance to check whether everyone is present before you set out. Meet up at the office or another predetermined location, leaving enough time to get everyone and their luggage loaded into the vehicles, plus a little extra time for emergencies.

2. Consider the Whole Trip

transportationWhile getting everyone to and from the venue is the most important step, you also need to think about the transportation needs of employees while they attend the event. How far are their lodgings from the event space? What amenities are provided, and what will they need to find off-site? You may need to plan for group shuttles and meals to ensure everyone is comfortable and provided for during the event.

3. Have a Plan for Seating

Work trips can be long, and who sits where on the bus or plane may dramatically affect the mood and success of the event. This doesn't mean you have to have assigned seats, but you may want to put some ground rules in place. For example, check which employees have a medical need and give them priority when choosing seats, or encourage employees to sit according to department to stimulate team-building.


For help creating your event transportation plan, choose Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher. With over 35 years in business and a full fleet of current, well-maintained cars including SUVs and sedans, they are happy to take you where you need to go, which is why they offer 15-minute airport pickup. To schedule transportation in the Tri-State area, call them at (718) 384-4444 or reach out online.

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