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3 Reasons to Insulate Your Garage Door January 29, 2019

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3 Reasons to Insulate Your Garage Door, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Proper insulation throughout your home is vital to maintaining interior comfort and reducing your overall energy consumption. Still, many homeowners don’t realize the benefits this essential installation has for their garage doors. Here are three reasons to add insulation to this area of your house or upgrade with a pre-insulated option. 

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

Williamsport, PA garage doors1. Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Insulation is primarily used to lock in heat and prevent air leaks that force your home’s HVAC system to work too hard to keep your interior comfortable. Since most garages are used only for automobile storage, they’re often constructed without insulation. If your garage is climate-controlled or attached to your home, however, adding insulation to your door and the rest of your garage will reduce your energy needs and lower your bills. It will also enhance your garage’s internal temperature, so you can comfortably use it as a work space in all seasons. 

2. Boost Garage Door Strength

Garage doors made with single layers don’t offer the same level of integrity, strength, and durability as multi-layered models designed with insulation. That’s because they’re built with layers of aluminum, steel, and insulating materials like polyethylene foam and foil, all of which create a sturdy base that withstands accidental impacts from cars, lawnmowers, and other machinery stored in your garage. 

3. Create a Quieter Space

Whether your teenage son and his musically challenged friends like to use the garage for band practice after school or you’ve set up a shop with electric saws for your woodworking hobby, garages can be loud. Adding insulation to the door helps create a buffer, dampening any noises made in the garage so that they won’t disturb you, your family, or your neighbors. 


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