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3 Ideas to Create a Child-Friendly Kitchen Design February 18, 2019

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3 Ideas to Create a Child-Friendly Kitchen Design, Englewood, New Jersey

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you and your children gather to prepare family meals, raid the fridge for after-school snacking, or review homework in the morning over bowls of cereal at your kitchen island. If you’re planning to renovate, keep your kids in mind with a child-friendly kitchen design. Use the tips below to get started. 

Tips for Family-Friendly Kitchens

1. Add Plenty of Seating

Your kids and their friends will need convenient places to sit when they want to use the kitchen, so talk with your remodeling contractor about incorporating ample seating into your kitchen design. Add a breakfast nook with window seats or a kitchen island with convenient overhangs where you can place bar stools. Alternatively, knock down a wall and create an open floor plan so you can keep an eye on your little ones while you prepare dinner. 

2. Consider Changing the Microwave Placement kitchen design

Although the most traditional spot for kitchen microwaves is above the oven range, many homeowners are opting for a lower placement to make it easier for their older children to use. By putting your microwave in your kitchen island, pantry, or in a mid-range spot above your lower oven deck, your kids will easily be able to heat themselves up a bowl of leftovers. In addition, add shelving at a moderate height for children, so they can safely retrieve their favorite snacks or plastic cups. 

3. Add Safe Flooring & Rounded Edges

If you want to update your floors and have younger children at home, try cork. It’s attractive, but softer than wood, limiting the risk of injury to your little ones. They’re also often installed as tiles, which are easy to swap out if they become damaged from rough use or spills.  When selecting your countertops, opt for rounded or beveled edges instead of sharp corners to limit injury. Pick materials that are durable, damage-resistant, and easy to maintain, like laminate or acrylic.  


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