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Practice Healing & Wellness at the Gorgeous, Tranquil Villa Serena January 28, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
Practice Healing & Wellness at the Gorgeous, Tranquil Villa Serena, Manhattan, New York

Clinician burnout is a long-term stress reaction that affects an estimated 42% of U.S. physicians. Fortunately, organizations like Metro Collaborative™ are working to reduce this rate and promote better healing and wellness. This particular group is headquartered in New York City but hosts several Caribbean retreats at Villa Serena every year. Below is an inside look at the boutique hotel and the holistic workshops that occur there.

A Glimpse at Villa Serena

Surrounded by white sand, turquoise water, and lush greenery, Villa Serena offers plenty in the way of natural beauty. It is nestled in the middle of the bay of Las Galeras, on the Samaná Peninsula, Dominican Republic. The area is accessible on foot, by bike, by boat, and on horseback, so visitors have plenty of ways to explore. Recent studies suggest that coastal environments like this promote healing and wellness, making this boutique hotel a perfect place for clinicians to recharge.  

Villa Serena also has numerous amenities to make their guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. From spacious suites and private terraces to an onsite restaurant that serves fresh, Caribbean cuisine, physicians who attend these retreats can expect the height of relaxation and comfort. The hotel even has a pool, spa, and fitness classes.   

A Guide to the Holistic Workshops

healing and wellnessDuring Metro Collaborative’s™ Caribbean retreats, guests get to not only enjoy the beauty of Villa Serena but also attend several holistic workshops on the hotel grounds. Each retreat has its own theme, so the topics covered in these sessions vary. Most, however, focus on self-care. They teach clinicians how to prioritize their health, therefore reducing burnout. They also show participants how to balance their personal and professional lives, so they can more effectively manage stress and give patients a higher quality of care.

One or more industry professionals teach each holistic workshop. These lecturers are skilled in various areas of healing and wellness. Some are homeopaths; others are yoga instructors. However, all share a common goal—to foster true health.

If you or your employees are overdue for some self-care, visit Metro Collaborative™ online to browse their upcoming Caribbean retreats. There, you’ll find other resources related to healing and wellness as well as information on peer-to-peer dinners, brand consulting, and coaching services. Call the organization at (609) 876-9163 for more on Villa Serena.

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