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What Are the Effects of Regularly Wearing High Heels? February 4, 2019

Oakview Estates, High Point
What Are the Effects of Regularly Wearing High Heels?, High Point, North Carolina

High heels have become a well-known symbol of success and sophistication. Women wear them everywhere, from the workplace to get-togethers, and they’re an excellent fashion accessory that never seems to go out of style. They can be problematic if worn too often, however. Many people have experienced pain from high heels, which is just one example of the foot issues they can cause. It’s important to understand the risk and take steps approved by podiatrists to prevent pain and damage.

A Guide to High Heels and Foot Pain

What Are the Risks?

When you wear high heels for too long, you keep your foot in an unnatural position and create tremendous stress. Initially, you may damage your toenails by forcing them into a small space. This can also lead to ingrown toenails and fungal infections.

podiatrist-high-point-foot-centerYou also put more pressure on your knees and hips, which can lead to everything from general pain to fractures and nerve damage. Over time, you may even increase your chances of osteoarthritis. The general pain can be debilitating and lead to regular visits with a podiatrist. 

How Can I Prevent Problems?

As with many of the finer things in life, exercise moderation. To reduce the likelihood of foot complications, minimize the amount of time you wear high heels. Avoid pointed-toe heels, as they compress your toes too much, and try not to go over a 2-inch heel height. Insoles can provide more cushion and keep your feet stable, and many podiatrists offer custom options for maximum relief. When you do wear heels, wear different shoes at home and on the next day to give your feet a rest. Taking these precautions will protect your feet while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite shoes.


If you’re dealing with foot pain, turn to a podiatrist at High Point Foot Center. Their team brings over 17 years of experience to patients in High Point, NC, and can address a number of issues ranging from foot and heel pain to hammertoes and diabetic foot care—all of which you can view on their website. They take a personalized approach to care for the best results, so call (336) 882-2070 to schedule an appointment.

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