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3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Floor Sanding Process February 4, 2019

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Floor Sanding Process, Wawayanda, New York

Hardwood floors can enhance the elegance and beauty of any room in your home. However, routine maintenance is required to preserve their aesthetic and avoid deterioration. Floor sanding and refinishing an aspect of maintenance that can breathe new life into wood flooring. If your hardwood floors could use a little refresher, use these three tips to prepare your home prior to beginning the floor sanding process. 

3 Ways to Prep Rooms for Floor Sanding & Refinishing

1. Move Furniture

floor sandingIn order for contractors to complete the floor sanding and refinishing process in a timely manner, your wood floors should be cleared off before they arrive. Move all furniture from the rooms that are being treated into other other areas of your house. If you don’t have extra space available, you can consider renting a temporary storage unit to keep your items until the project is completed. In addition, cover fixed furnishings with cloth covers and plug up electric sockets with plastic covers. 

2. Open Windows & Doors

Expect for dust and debris to get released into the air during the floor sanding phase. To prevent this filth from contaminating your indoor air supply, it’s important that the room which is being treated can receive plenty of ventilation. Achieve this by opening up the doors and windows in the room as well as throughout the rest of your room. 

3. Take Down Wall Art & Draperies

Remove all wall art and window treatments before the flooring contractor arrives. Additionally, you should also remove other textiles, like blankets, tapestries, and area rugs, as you clear out the space. When the wood dust is released into the air, it can attach itself to paint or fabric fibers, and ultimately damage to your possessions.


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