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What You Should Know About Replacing Wiper Blades This Winter January 29, 2019

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What You Should Know About Replacing Wiper Blades This Winter, Newark, Ohio

There are many auto parts that allow for safe winter driving. While your brakes may get most of your maintenance-minded attention, the windshield wiper blades can prove just as important by helping you see clearly during a storm. As with all other auto parts, they won’t last forever. Here is what to look for when inspecting your wiper blades, as well as how to complete a replacement.

How Do You Check the Wiper Blades?

If wiper blades aren’t functioning properly, they won’t be able to clear snow and ice, which can greatly limit your visibility. In general, it’s recommended that drivers inspect wiper blades every six to 12 months, as replacements are often needed along these same intervals. However, if your wiper blades don’t seem to be clearing away moisture as effectively as they should, you should inspect them immediately.

auto partsDuring your inspection, pay close attention to the rubber portion of the wiper blade. Look for cracks, tears, heavy wear, or other signs of deterioration. Excess wear and tear is a sure sign that the blades need to be replaced.

How Do You Replace Old Wiper Blades?

Thankfully, wiper blades are easier to replace than other auto parts. Make sure your new blades are the correct size for your windshield by checking the driver’s manual. After lifting the wiper arm, you should see a small tab on the bottom of the wiper. Press this tab and slide off the old blade. Then, lower the new blade into place on the wiper arm until you hear a click. Lower the wipers, and you’re done. 


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