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How To Take Care of Fruit Trees January 30, 2019

Norwood Park, Lincoln
How To Take Care of Fruit Trees, Lincoln, Nebraska

After planting a fruit tree, homeowners should perform regular maintenance to ensure the plant is healthy and bears fruit. Early tree care may involve pruning, watering, fertilization and pest prevention. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help your sapling grow healthy and strong.


Perform regular trimming.

Many people assume that trimming isn’t needed until the tree is several years old or has experienced damage that requires attention. However, it’s necessary to have a tree care expert trim its branches within a few months of planting to promote trunk growth. This process prevents young saplings from devoting too much energy to nonessential branches and instead diverting it to the main four to create a strong, tall trunk.tree care Lincoln NE

Keep the soil moist.

Fruit tree roots typically reach three to four feet away from the base of the trunk. Water these every other week to ensure the soil is thoroughly moistened. If the climate is arid, follow a more frequent watering schedule to prevent drought.


Forget to inspect.

The best way to handle disease or pests is to diagnose the issue early and treat it right away. That means inspecting the trunk and branches weekly for signs of infestation or fungus-like holes, mushrooms, or algae growth. If you spot these signs, contact a tree care professional. An arborist will spray the sapling to protect against insects and will also prune and trim for high fruit yield and better overall health.

Skip fruit removal.

Fruit that has been left on a branch will rot and attract pests. By not removing these temptations, you may accidentally invite deer, who might nibble the sapling and limit growth. When your fruit is ripe, remove it right away. Be sure to pick up any that have fallen to the ground as well. Rotting fruits house worms, beetles and flies that may eat at the roots and soil around the trunk, causing further damage.


Those interested in tree care services from an experienced team of certified and insured arborists should set up an appointment with Lincoln Tree Service, Inc. in Lincoln, NE. This family-owned and -operated company has been in business for over 25 years, providing top-notch lawn and tree care in Lancaster, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Call (402) 466-1627 to learn why the business earned the Nebraska Forest Service Outstanding Tree Care Award in 2010. Visit their website for information on their offerings from fertilization and pruning to trimming and core aeration. 

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