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3 Essential Tools for Your Next Construction Project January 29, 2019

Hill N Dale, Lexington-Fayette Central
3 Essential Tools for Your Next Construction Project, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

When you start a new construction or home remodeling project, you want to feel confident about having the right tools for the job. Missing something can hold up progress, and using the wrong tools may not work out properly. Preparation is key, and there are essential pieces of light construction equipment to invest in. Whether you intend to rent or own, add the following items to the top of your list to ensure the best results.

Power Tools You Need for Your Next Project

1. Jigsaw

Circular and miter saws are great for handling general cuts, but when it’s time to make more intricate, precise cuts, a jigsaw is your best bet. This common piece of light construction equipment offers free maneuverability — you can work it around tight angles, round out edges, and cut any shape you need. Make sure to invest in plenty of blade sizes so you can cut through wood of any thickness.

2. Power Drill

light construction equipmentPossibly the single most important piece of light construction equipment is a drill. It can be fitted with seemingly endless head options, as well as drill bits and boring heads. You can cut all the materials you want, but without a drill, nothing comes together. Consider a cordless option for convenience and make sure to purchase or rent something that has plenty of power.

3. Sander

Once all of the heavy lifting is complete, you need to create smooth surfaces on all of your wood for the ideal finish. A sander is the best option in this case. Select a variable-speed hand sander — generally, a 5-inch is the most convenient. You can use it to tackle any surface so that it’s ready to take on paint, stains, and will look great.


Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, turn to Wilson Brothers Rental & Sales. Located in Lexington, KY, they’ve served the tri-state areas since 1978 and offer a wide selection of light construction equipment, electric power tools, and lawn and garden equipment — all of which you can explore on their website. Their skilled team will work with you to find the exact tools you need  call (859) 276-3601 today to speak with a representative.

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