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Everything You Need to Know About Structural Steel January 28, 2019

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Everything You Need to Know About Structural Steel, Dalton, Georgia

Structural steel refers to a category of steel utilized in a variety of construction applications. Because it can be cut and assembled into various sizes and shapes, it’s one of the most popular materials for buildings, bridges, and other large structures. To understand the benefits of this crucial building material, here is a brief overview of how it’s made and how it’s applied in the construction industry.

How is Structural Steel Made?

Raw iron is the main ingredient in structural steel, however, it’s rare to find this in its natural form. To refine structural steel, much of the carbon needs to be removed from the material. First, the iron ore is crushed and poured into a blast furnace, while hot air is blown into the surface from the bottom —  this removes the impurities. During this process, the pure iron collects at the bottom of the furnace. The iron is then extracted and combined with other substances, depending on the purpose of the material. For instance, carbon can be added to improve strength, while manganese will improve machinability. The last step is fabrication and welding to create the final shape of the structural steel for its application.  

Why Is It Beneficial in Construction?

structural steel Because structural steel is engineered to a pre-set design, it makes the construction process more efficient. Steel is also lightweight, which reduces shipping costs. As a material, structural steel can be used in various aspects of construction, such as the framing of a building, construction of a bridge, and as a siding and roofing material. For building owners, it’s more durable and requires less maintenance than other types of building materials. 


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