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3 Reasons to Use a Taxi Instead of a Ride Share Service January 30, 2019

Aurora-Lemeta, Fairbanks North Star
3 Reasons to Use a Taxi Instead of a Ride Share Service, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

When you need a ride, you’ll have to choose between hiring a taxi service or using a ride share program. Taxis have been around for much longer and provide a few key advantages over ride sharing. Decide if these are important to you, and if they are, then you’ll be guaranteed to experience an enjoyable ride to your destination!

Advantages of Taking a Taxi

1.Arrive on Time

Cab drivers are professionals, and they make a living by driving every day, which means they know the local roads better than anyone else. On the other hand, ride share drivers everyday people who are likely driving as a side job. A trusted professional is less likely to get lost or take an indirect route, so you can expect to get to your destination on time.

2. Stay Safe

taxiSince taxi drivers are dedicated professionals, they tend to be more experienced drivers. They know how to safely navigate the local roads to coordinate drop-offs and pickups without putting you in harm’s way. The drivers are also thoroughly vetted by the company, so you know you’re getting in the car with someone trustworthy.

3. Enjoy Courteous & Convenient Service

Working with a local taxi service is easy and enjoyable. You’ll simply call the reservations line to speak with a dispatcher who can tell you when your cab will arrive. This process is easier than fumbling around with an app that uses up your phone plan’s data service while trying to call for a ride.


Arctic Taxi is the premier taxi service for Alaskans in the Fairbanks area. Dedicated to customer service, their team of qualified drivers are available 24 hours a day and accept most forms of payment. They use a computerized dispatch with GPS to give you a quick response time every time you call. Their modern vehicles are stylish, well-maintained, and smoke-free. They also offer roadside assistance, including lockout and jumpstart service. Call (907) 455-0000 for immediate taxi service or send a message online to schedule an appointment for a later date.