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How Do You Handle the Stress of DUI Charges? January 28, 2019

London, Laurel
How Do You Handle the Stress of DUI Charges?, London, Kentucky

Facing criminal charges is incredibly stressful, especially when a conviction could mean jail time. If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, you may also be worried about the impact a conviction could have on your reputation. When it comes to DUI defense, though, some aspects are in your control. Recognizing this and then taking charge will relieve much of the stress and make it easier to fight the charges. Here are a few tips for taking back the reins during DUI proceedings, so worry doesn’t overwhelm you. 

3 Tips for Handling the Stress of DUI Proceedings 

1. Hire a Seasoned Lawyer

Hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney will do wonders for your mental health because it means you will not have to face the prosecutor alone. It will also increase the chances of securing a favorable outcome for the case. Your lawyer will examine the situation from all angles to determine the most strategic way to fight the charges. 

2. Focus on What Matters

DUI defenseIt’s easy to fixate on a looming problem, but doing so will only add to the stress—without contributing to the solution. To keep your mind off of the pending case, spend time with those you love, pick up an old hobby, or take on work projects that you’re excited to tackle. In other words, remind yourself of the things that matter most, and let your attorney handle the case.

3. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Physical health has a direct impact on mental wellness. Therefore, it’s essential to commit to leading a healthy lifestyle when under a considerable amount of stress. This includes maintaining a normal sleep schedule, eating a balanced diet, and getting in some gentle exercise daily. 


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