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How Carpet Tiles Benefit Gyms & Fitness Centers January 28, 2019

New York, Bronx
How Carpet Tiles Benefit Gyms & Fitness Centers, New York, New York

When selecting flooring for your gym or fitness center, you’ll encounter many options, including carpet, foam, and rubber tile. While each material offers unique benefits, carpet tiles are growing in popularity. Here are five reasons to consider this innovative option when choosing flooring for your facility.

5 Perks of Carpet Tiles for Gyms

1. Sound Muting

From the metallic clacking of weights to the whir of cardio machines to your speaker system, athletic facilities can be overwhelmingly loud. Carpet tiles offer a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC), keeping your interior environment pleasant and easy on the ears. 

2. Safety

Many fitness centers install carpet because it offers ample traction to keep guests from slipping while stretching or performing resistance workouts. The thick padding will protect your subfloor from the impact of dropped weights and foot traffic. Carpet tiles also have tough fibers designed to resist moisture from water spills and sweat. 

3. Low Maintenance

carpet Bronx NYCarpet tiles require regular vacuuming with a rotary brush or beater bar, but they’ll never need sanding, resealing, or special grout cleaning. While the fibers are capable of withstanding extensive use, you can further minimize wear and tear by rotating them with tiles in areas of your gym that get less foot traffic. The occasional deep cleaning will also extend the life of your flooring. 

4. Easy Replacement

Carpet tiles are installed with adhesive. That means that if your tile is stained or damaged, it’s easy, cheap, and fast to remove and replace it. You can perform maintenance with minimal disruption to guest experience or daily operations.  

5. Design Versatility 

It will be easy for guests to distinguish between the cardio area and the weight room when the flooring is different colors. Use various hues of carpet tiles to create designated zones. You can even use the flooring to create specific rules, such as that street shoes aren’t permitted on flooring of a certain shade. For added visual interest, create a checkerboard or diagonal lay patterns. Tiles also come in many textures, from gravel to ribbed. 


Fitness center and gym owners interested in getting an estimate on installing carpet tiles should contact O’Connor’s Carpet Center in the Bronx, NY. Their expert commercial flooring team has been in business for more than 46 years. They install, repair, and maintain vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, and carpet, ensuring that your facility will always look its best. Call (718) 409-2020 to consult with their staff or visit their website for information on their additional services. 

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