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4 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog March 4, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
4 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog, Jacksonville East, Florida

As a dog owner, one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences you can share with your furry friend is a day in the great outdoors. If you love hiking, you may be excited to bring your dog with you once they’re old enough to handle it. For first-time pet hikers, here are some dog supplies and suggestions you need to bring with you to ensure a safe and happy animal.

4 Ways to Have a Great Hike With Your Dog

1. Bring the Right Dog Supplies

While your dog may be a good listener and stay by your side without a tether, many hiking trails require leashes and dog collars for the safety of your pet, other hikers, and the natural terrain. Before heading off on your hike, make sure you’ve packed all the necessary dog supplies, from a dog collar and leash to ID tags, and a raincoat if you’re worried about the weather. 

2. Don’t Forget Drinking Water

dog suppliesEven on colder days, your dog is bound to get thirsty on a long hike. One critical dog accessory to bring on your journey is a portable drinking container, so you can stop and give them water as needed. Pay attention to their panting patterns and stop whenever they look like they could use a drink. 

3. Pack Human & Dog Snacks

As you and your pet exert more energy, you’ll likely want a pick-me-up to keep your bodies going. Pack trail mix, fruit, or energy bars for yourself, and include your pet’s favorite treats to avoid walking at a caloric deficit. 

4. Start Small

Before embarking on a long and arduous hike, think about your pet’s fitness level and how far they can walk comfortably. This can vary greatly depending on your dog’s size, age, and daily habits. To ensure your furry friend isn’t tuckered out halfway through, start your hiking regimen off small with short loops, and work your way up to long trails.


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