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What Goes Into a Heating & Air Inspection? February 5, 2019

Farmersville, Montgomery
What Goes Into a Heating & Air Inspection?, Farmersville, Ohio

Even if your HVAC unit doesn't appear to have issues that would require immediate repair or replacement, you should still schedule routine system checks. Just like your yearly physical, your home needs regular heating and air inspections to ensure your HVAC system remains in efficient working order. During an assessment, your technician will likely check the following essential components.

3 Areas a Contractor Will Assess During a Heating & Air Inspection

1. The Filter

Outside of your HVAC’s basic operational components, the air filter is one of the most important parts of your system. Therefore, heating and air inspections almost always include a filter check. This delicate screen latches on to dust, dander, and other allergens that float through your breathing supply, and stops them from circulating through your residence. Every few months or so, you’ll need to clean or swap out your dirty filter for a fresh one. Otherwise, filth from the dirty filter will impede airflow through your home or send allergens back through your vents.

2. The Blower

heating and air inspectionsTo ensure your family stays comfortable year round, heating and air inspections also include an examination of the blower. This component must be free of any malfunctions that could impede its strength or consistency, as it’s responsible for pushing conditioned air through your vents and into your home’s various rooms.

3. The Thermostat

While this aspect of your HVAC system isn’t responsible for cooling and heating your home, the thermostat acts as a liaison between you and your HVAC system, commanding the latter to reach your desired temperature. If there are any wiring or sensor issues, the thermostat will be unable to effectively cue your HVAC to respond accordingly, as you attempt to set the temperature for your home. This aspect of your heating and air inspection is especially critical, as the results will not only facilitate your comfort, it could also help you lower energy costs in the long run. 


If you believe your HVAC system needs a professional check-up, turn to Cowboy’s Heating & Air of Montgomery County, OH. The locally owned and operated enterprise is proud to offer 24-hour emergency service, so you can get the help you need whenever you need it. To learn more about their installation, inspection, and repair services, call (937) 604-1541 or visit the website.

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