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What to Expect When Wearing Glasses for the First Time February 1, 2019

Cold Spring, Campbell
What to Expect When Wearing Glasses for the First Time, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Putting on your first pair of prescription glasses is an exciting moment. You can finally see clearly, perhaps for the first time in a while. However, you might also experience some discomfort and feelings of unfamiliarity as you get used to your new lenses. This guide will break down what you can expect when wearing glasses for the first time.

What Will You Experience While Getting Used to New Glasses?

1. Headaches 

While your new glasses finally allow you to see clearly, you might feel some discomfort. Some people will experience headaches as their brain and eyes adjust to the lenses. Remember that you were accustomed to straining without glasses, so the muscles will need to acclimate to staying relaxed. It might be tempting to take off your glasses to avoid a headache, but keep them on. Your eyes will adjust more quickly with consistency. If your symptoms are too uncomfortable, trying building up your wear-time each day.

2. Dizziness

prescription glassesAs your eyes adjust to your prescription glasses, you might also feel some dizziness. This sensation can be especially strong while walking around. Try to stick with it since your brain will adjust to the new perspective. However, if your pain and dizziness last more than a few days, call your eye doctor. They may want to see you to double check the adjustment of your glasses or your prescription.

3. Smudges

Keeping your glasses clean is essential, but you might not always remember to do so at first. You will see some smudges on your glasses, and you will need to get used to cleaning them frequently. If possible, keep your cloth and cleaning spray in your car or purse. This will help you see more clearly throughout the day.

4. Forgetfulness

Since you are not used to owning glasses, you might forget to wear them occasionally. You might also leave them around the house, only to wonder where you left them. If you are worried about forgetting your prescription glasses at home, keep a backup pair in your car or at your office. You might also consider keeping your frames on a cord around your neck. 


When it comes to finding the right prescription glasses, you need an eye care team you can trust. Wing Eyecare has been helping families in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky see more clearly since 1914. These eye doctors and staff use the latest technology to perform comprehensive eye exams. They will also work with you to find a pair of glasses or contacts to fit your needs. To view a full list of services, visit them online. You can also call (888) 274-9464 to make an appointment at your local location today.

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