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Keys to Exceptional Client Service #5 -- Minimize Shock & Awe January 18, 2019

Keys to Exceptional Client Service #5 -- Minimize Shock & Awe, High Point, North Carolina

In this video, Tax Manager Doug Brown, CPA, CGMA, explains the fifth Key to Exceptional Client Service, “Give your client the time they need to make decisions and avoid surprises in outcome or billing.” This is extremely relevant this tax season as so many of our clients are directly affected by the many changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Our team has been communicating with our clients throughout the year to keep them up to date on the impact of the new laws on their individual and business tax planning. 


If you have questions about your tax planning, call your advisor at Sharrard, McGee & Co., PA. There is still plenty of time to talk through your options, but the sooner the better! You can reach us at (336) 884-0410 in High Point or (336) 272-9777 in Greensboro.

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