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What Can I Expect After a Root Canal? January 25, 2019

Central Park, Manhattan
What Can I Expect After a Root Canal?, Manhattan, New York

While the idea of getting a root canal can be intimidating, this procedure is actually quite commonplace. Dentists perform root canals to remove damaged tissues from the center of the tooth, which prevents the need for an extraction. While your dentist will take care of the hard part, the steps you take after treatment are also important, as illustrated by the following information.

Your Guide to Root Canal Aftercare

Some Discomfort Is Normal

Most patients experience mild discomfort after their root canal. This includes soreness at the surgical site, as well as some jaw tenderness resulting from the procedure. In most cases, over-the-counter pain medication can reduce this discomfort. If you experience significant pain that lasts more than one or two days, swelling, or symptoms of an allergic reaction, contact your dentist right away.

Your Dentist Will Provide Instructions

You may receive prescription medication after the procedure, such as antibiotics to fight off infections or stronger pain medications. It’s crucial that you follow your doctor’s instructions on medication and other topics to promote optimal healing. You may also be instructed to tweak your diet while you’re healing. Try to eat soft foods for the first few days, as hard foods like nuts may disturb the surgical site.

Take Care When Brushing & Flossing

You shouldn’t neglect your dental care routine after the procedure. However, you will need to take care when brushing and flossing. Use gentle motions and be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning your teeth. Rinsing will remove plaque and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, which is crucial after dental surgery.


If you have concerns about root canals, Pure Dental Care NY is here to assuage your fears. These Manhattan dentists strive to create a calm and relaxing environment in their office, especially when it comes to endodontic procedures. They also offer a variety of other dental services, including veneers, teeth whitening, dentures, preventative care, mouthguards, and pediatric treatments. Schedule your appointment today by calling (212) 256-1292. You can also visit them online to prepare for your first visit.