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Medical vs. Legal January 18, 2019

Groton, New London
Medical vs. Legal, Groton, Connecticut

Although I practice law, it sometimes seems like I am practicing medicine.  Medical and legal constantly intersect.  In the various areas that I practice, i.e., personal injury, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation, DUI and wills, there is usually something that has to do with medicine that must be dealt with.  The obvious ones are accidents that take place on the job or in your car or due to fall downs.  Since these cases are based on the nature of the injury suffered, you have to know your medicine in order to come up with the value of the case.  It doesn’t hurt having a spouse who is a nurse and a daughter who is a doctor.  Although I have read through thousands of medical reports, every once in a while you run into a condition caused by an accident you have never seen before.  And what about drunk driving cases?  Well, the breathalyzer and its proper evaluation is essentially a medical evaluation in order to determine if it will hold up in a prosecution.  What about wills?  Often it is a medical condition that triggers a will and the type of will that is needed.  And finally bankruptcy.  What if someone can’t make it to court due to a medical condition.  You have to know the process to get it done.  Also, many bankruptcies are triggered by medical bills and after someone makes it through a tough medical situation with inadequate or no insurance, there may be medical bills that stand as a road block to moving forward.  Bankruptcy removes this obstacle to making a fresh start in life.  So yes, where there is legal there is usually medical.  Understanding this makes for a good and proper representation.  So if you need help in any of these areas, please feel free to call attorney Mark O. Grater in Groton, CT at 860-449-8059 or visit his web cite at

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