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Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening January 25, 2019

Hastings, Adams
Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening, Hastings, Nebraska

Consuming products like coffee, tea, and soda dulls your smile over time. However, teeth whitening can turn back the clock. While there are many do-it-yourself kits available at drugstores and online, always trust this job to a cosmetic dentistry professional for the following reasons. 

Better Results

Most teeth whitening products rely on the active ingredients hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. At-home kits contain about 3.5% of these active ingredients while materials used by dentists have up to 38%. A professional job is, thus, faster and more effective.

teeth whiteningA dentist also provides more options. You can choose at-home whitening using a special gel and custom-made aligner trays, which you wear while sleeping. Alternatively, opt for a chair-side procedure done at the dentist’s office. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then a special UV light activates it. Since not all of your teeth are likely the same shade before treatment, dentists will apply different amounts of gel to counteract this and give you a bright, even smile, which untrained hands would find hard to do at home. The process usually doesn’t take more than one hour.

Safety Guaranteed 

Efficacy aside, the most significant advantage of professional teeth whitening is that it’s safe. To work, this process requires serious chemicals—which are best left in the hands of professionals. There have been accounts of people actually getting chemical burns from DIY attempts gone wrong. Therefore, think carefully before taking the risk.


Brighten your smile without breaking the bank by taking advantage of the “Whitening for Life” program offered by Bumgardner Family Dentistry of Hastings, NE. After paying an initial $99 fee to join, you get free teeth whitening every six months. Known for their state-of-the-art technology and attentive care, they put their patients’ needs first. For your convenience, they even have late evening and early morning appointments available. Visit their website for a full overview of their services. Schedule an appointment by calling (402) 462-6484.

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