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Why Every Business Needs High-Quality Wi-Fi January 18, 2019

New York, New York
Why Every Business Needs High-Quality Wi-Fi, New York, New York

Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous feature of the modern world, available in coffee shops, restaurants, and even grocery stores around the world. Offices rely on Wi-Fi to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and give workers the flexibility to work anywhere they need to. Below are seasons why businesses in every field should invest in fast, reliable wireless internet.

The Importance of Wi-Fi for Your Small Business

Enhances Productivity

wifiIn the modern business world, your employees need to be able to seamlessly share files, set up equipment in conference rooms, and collaborate on a variety of projects. For instance, Wi-Fi lets everyone involved with a certain project to gather in one workspace, without the constraints of being tied to their desks.

Simplifies the Office Layout

Landline internet connections make it difficult to add desks to accommodate new employees or rearrange the workspace for new projects. Wi-Fi simplifies this process, since new work stations don’t need dedicated router access.

Increases Foot Traffic

Restaurants, coffee shops, and other customer-facing businesses that offer free Wi-Fi usually enjoy an immediate boost in foot traffic. Customers who are attracted by free internet access typically spend more time in the store, resulting in higher sales and increased revenue. In act, many business owners find that their wireless connection quickly pays for itself.

Opening Up New Marketing Opportunities

The wireless sign-in page gives you an opportunity to advertise new products and services to customers who are already in your store. In addition to drawing customers in, your wireless access can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy.


No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your company, Challenger Broadband offers the high-quality Wi-Fi service you need to bring your business into the 21st century. Businesses throughout Greater New York City and New Jersey rely on their reliable, redundant network for always-on connectivity, excellent client support, and competitive prices. Visit their website for more on their data services, follow their Twitter for updates and news, or call (646) 723-9999 now to discuss your Wi-Fi options.

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