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An Electrician's Guide to Childproofing Your Home January 31, 2019

Normal, Ashland
An Electrician's Guide to Childproofing Your Home, Ashland, Kentucky

When you’re expecting a baby, you’ll realize just how much life is about to change. This includes taking new safety precautions around the house. Childproofing your outlets and appliances is crucial to your child’s safety, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, use the following guide to childproof your home like a professional electrician.

How to Childproof Your House Like an Electrician

1. Outlets

Wall outlets are tempting to curious children, so they should be your first priority when it comes to childproofing. For standard outlets, which feature two or four spaces for three-pronged plugs, there are a variety of clear, box-like covers, which will encircle the entire set. However, if you have an irregular outlet shape, it’s easier to use individual caps, which snap right into the openings. These will prevent your baby from sticking their fingers or metal objects into the outlets and getting shocked.

2. Cables

ElectricianFrom laptop chargers to TV power supplies, the average household features countless cables for appliances, electronics, and toys. These can become hazardous when young children are tempted to pull on the long cords. In addition to suffering a shock from ripping something out of an outlet, they could also pose a strangulation risk. The best way to conceal them is to tape them to the ground, wall, or carpet, or zip tie them behind furniture. If the cable is too long, you can buy childproofing accessories that wind up and hide the cords.

3. Plug Locks

Now that you can prevent your baby from unplugging things, focus on preventing them from plugging things in. Luckily, you can purchase plug locks from hardware stores. These cubes will attach to the pronged ends of any of your cables, and they can be turned and locked into place with a key. Simply keep the key out of reach, and your baby won’t be able to play with the dangerous metal tips.


If you’d rather have an electrician’s help when childproofing your home, turn to Mueller Electric of Ashland, KY. They have served the Tri-State area since 1994, and they cater to a wide range of electrical needs. Whether you’re looking for basic troubleshooting help or landscape accent lighting, you can turn to them to manage the job. For more information on their offerings, visit the website or call (606) 325-0275 to make an appointment.

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