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4 Ways to Look Stylish in a Cap February 18, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
4 Ways to Look Stylish in a Cap , Jacksonville East, Florida

Along with T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, the baseball cap is a casual menswear staple. As fashion has evolved, the cap has, too. This men’s accessory is practical and sporty, but it can also be stylish. Here’s how to wear one and look good doing it.

4 Tips for Wearing Caps 

1. Find One That Fits Your Lifestyle 

The clothes and men’s accessories you choose should reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you work outdoors, you may want a cap that can keep your head warm while shielding your eyes from the sun, in which case wool is a great option. In the summer when heat is a concern, consider something with a mesh back, like at baseball or trucker hat, which will provide ventilation. 

2. Consider the Occasion

While your favorite cap may pair well with your best button-down, it may not be appropriate for all occasions. Think about where you’re going and how others will be dressed; for formal events, such as business meetings and weddings, use other men’s accessories to show your style and leave the cap at home. However, casual parties or gatherings may be more forgiving. Additionally, outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking are perfect opportunities to show off your favorite cap as it will keep the sun out of your eyes.

mensaccessories3. Take Off the Stickers 

You wouldn’t leave the tags on your shirt before wearing it, would you? Likewise, don’t leave the sticker on your hat. It’s not a look that suits most adults as it can appear unkempt or forgetful. 

4. Match Colors 

Coordinating colors is a simple way to look put-together even when you’re wearing workwear or casual attire. Picking neutral and solid-colored hats is a great option if you often wear shirts with different colors, such as plaid. The colors don’t have to match precisely, but make sure some color in the hat is present in your shirt. To pull it all together, choose pants in a complementary shade. Again, neutrals like beige, gray, black, and white are great options if you have difficulty telling which colors go well with others. 

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