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4 Possible Reasons You Might Have Trouble Connecting to the Internet January 22, 2019

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4 Possible Reasons You Might Have Trouble Connecting to the Internet, Chillicothe, Ohio

Whether you’re trying to stream your favorite series or download important files for work, internet connectivity issues are never convenient. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to determine the causes, and your cable company can usually resolve them rather quickly. Here are a few reasons why your internet might not function correctly. 

4 Common Internet Connectivity Issues

1. Inability to Connect

If you’re having trouble connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop to the internet, briefly turn the device’s Wi-Fi off, then re-enable it before trying again. If this doesn’t work, reset your router, and run a wireless diagnostics report. Call your internet service provider if you still cannot connect. 

2. Dropped Connection

It might also be the case that you can connect but frequently lose the connection. Believe it or not, your microwave could be the problem, especially if it’s an older model that could leak radiation. The wireless network in your area might also be overcrowded. Contact your cable company to diagnose the issue. 

3. Disappearing Network 

internetIf you do not see your network’s name on your list of available networks, your router might have experienced a hard reset. Look for the brand and model numbers of your router, and get in touch with your internet service provider to help you reconfigure it. 

4. Slow Speeds

If you experience slow internet speeds in every part of your household, reset your router, and switch to another channel. You might even need to replace your router or modem if they’re near the end of their life span. Ask your cable company to conduct a speed test.


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