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5 Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings January 31, 2019

5 Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Many people have a sweet tooth and enjoy indulging in chocolate, baked goods, or other sugary treats. Although eating sweets releases feel-good brain chemicals that produce euphoric feelings, sugar negatively affects the body — especially the teeth — in numerous ways. To avoid cavities and get a seal of approval next time you visit the dentist, follow these tips to curb sugar cravings. 

5 Tips for Overcoming Sugar Cravings

1. Try a Healthy Alternative

Consume naturally-sweet foods such as strawberries, raspberries, and other types of fruit instead of eating processed white sugar. The natural sweetness may be all you need to kick your craving to the curb. Fruit also provides health benefits since it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Enjoy Protein & Fiber

Try satiating foods that take the body longer to digest, such as protein and fiber-based options. Meals packed with these nutrients will make you feel fuller longer, so you’re less likely to want that slice of cake or chocolate candy bar. 

3. Distract Yourself

Distract yourself when you feel a sugar craving coming. Watch a funny video, call a friend, or exercise. Whether you’re walking, biking, swimming, or kickboxing, all forms of exercise release feel-good brain chemicals without causing blood sugar spikes and crashes

4. Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Pantry

dentistClear your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry of sugary snacks. It’s much easier to limit sugar cravings when there isn’t anything in your home to tempt you. Put out fruit bowls instead so you always have a naturally sweet snack within reach.

5. Drink Water

Drink plenty of water, something dentists emphasize whether their patients have sugar cravings or not. Water helps you feel full in addition to assisting saliva production and flushing food particles from the mouth. The next time you want sugar, drink a glass of water. You may be dehydrated, something many people mistake for hunger.


Discuss these and other tips for reducing sugar cravings with the dentists at Cabarrus Health Alliance. The clinic has two convenient locations in Kannapolis and Concord, NC, as well as a mobile dental clinic that travels to area schools and provides services for uninsured patients. Sliding scale payments are also available to patients with proof of income. Call (704) 920-1070 (Kannapolis location) or (704) 920-1070 (Concord location) today to schedule an appointment for a routine teeth cleaning, or learn more about the team of dentists online. Keep up with the latest community news on Facebook.

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