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3 Ways to Protect Flower Arrangements From Your Pets February 4, 2019

Branford Center, New Haven County
3 Ways to Protect Flower Arrangements From Your Pets, Branford Center, Connecticut

Pets and flower arrangements don’t always mix. Curious cats or mischievous dogs might nibble on petals, knock over fragile glass vessels, or sip standing water. Certain flowers are also poisonous to pets if ingested. Use the tips below to protect both your blooms and your buddies – that way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of greenery without worry. 

3 Tips for Keeping Pets Away From Flower Arrangements

1. Find a Safe Space

Keep your flower arrangements out of the reach of inquisitive pets. Using a sturdy plant stand for potted greens will reduce surface area around the plant and deter pets from climbing up. Alternatively, store the bouquet on a high shelf or dresser with no other pieces of furniture nearby that your pet can use as steps. Hanging jars or vases are an unusual, visually striking, and pet-friendly way to display your blossoms. 

2. Introduce Natural Deterrents

flower arrangementsIf your persistent pet just won’t leave your plants alone, introduce natural deterrents. Sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper on the leaves or place a few orange and lemon peels in the soil. While they’re not harmful to animals or plants, the powerful scents of these items may be enough to keep your furry friend at bay. 

3. Use a Spray Bottle

A little discipline can go a long way toward protecting your fresh flower arrangement. Keep a spray bottle near your plants. When the dog or cat comes to investigate, give their faces a light spray of water. This will gently let them know that you disapprove of their behavior and may eventually teach them to leave your display alone.


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