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5 Situations That Drain Your Car Battery January 17, 2019

Kannapolis, Rowan
5 Situations That Drain Your Car Battery, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Your car battery is a critical component in your vehicle, and if it doesn’t have enough power, you’ll find yourself needing an auto mechanic. Typically, car batteries last about three to five years, but some conditions will drain them sooner. Below are five to watch out for. 

What’s Killing Your Car Battery?

1. Human Mistakes

Leaving headlights on overnight as well as forgetting to turn off internal lights will drain your battery. Human error is one of the top reasons for battery issues. Other mistakes include leaving a trunk open or keeping a door ajar for many hours. Always check your vehicle to ensure all lights are off and all doors are closed before parking it for an extended time.

2. Temperature Fluctuations

Temperatures higher than 100 degrees or lower than 10 degrees Fahrenheit will cause sulfate crystals to build up, and if the car is left in these conditions for too long, the build-up can damage your car’s battery. It will also take longer for the battery to charge and maintain power in these environments. 

3. Alternator Trouble

auto mechanicYou need your alternator to recharge the battery, but if the alternator is malfunctioning, you won’t get that power source. Usually, a bad diode is the culprit, and it will prevent your car from starting. An auto mechanic will need to replace the alternator if this is the case. 

4. Corroded Parts

Corroded or dirty connections will interfere with charging. Loose components and cables will also cause trouble and will not deliver enough power to start the engine. Cleaning off grime and having an auto mechanic secure connections will remedy the issue and extend the life of your battery.

5. Short Drives

Frequent, short drives will wear down your battery sooner. Starting your car takes the most power, and the alternator recharges the battery as you drive. When you’re only driving a short distance, there isn’t enough time for the battery to charge completely, leading to an early drain.


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