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Got Sewer Backup? Philips Repair Service Can Help July 13, 2015

Walton, Boone
Got Sewer Backup? Philips Repair Service Can Help, Walton, Kentucky

Sewer backup is not only a gross nuisance, but this sludge can lead to more costly repairs if not attended to. Family-owned and operated plumbing service Phillips Repair Service are plumbers in Walton, KY who will work in your commercial, residential or industrial space to fix sewer backups. If the problem occurs after-hours, they respond promptly to your call. Philips Repair Service knows that sometime pipe and plumbing repair requires immediate response to prevent further damage.

Working with the minimal disruption to your schedule and property, Philips Repair Service will ascertain the cause of the flooding. Sewer backup can come from blockages due to roots systems invading your pipes or a sanitary main that is blocked and then backs up into surrounding homes. Whatever the cause, these professionals will find and properly address it.

Using cutting-edge plumbing tools and techniques, Philips Repair Service can safety navigate complications such as electrical malfunctions to provide space for cleanup. Immediate cleanup of your affected property can ensure that you minimize the inconvenience and prevent mold and further damage.

Philips Repair Service guarantees that the owner will be present on site as work is done on your plumbing system, to ensure the job is done on time and correctly.

Philips Repair Service won the Super Service Award from Angie's List for their above board professionalism. Get their assistance with sewer backup or any plumbing needs—whether it is an emergency, drain cleaning or sewer repairs. Visit their website to learn more about their extensive list of services, or call (859) 331-0511 for professional service you can count on, day or night.