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5 Ways Poor Posture Can Put Your Health in Jeopardy January 21, 2019

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5 Ways Poor Posture Can Put Your Health in Jeopardy, High Point, North Carolina

Whether due to physical injuries or sitting for hours behind a desk at work, poor posture is a problem experienced by most. While this body mechanics issue is often recognized for the way it changes physical appearance, it can also be the hidden cause behind many common health problems. To better understand these risks and make pain management more efficient, here are five common health issues affected by posture.

5 Health Problems Connected to Poor Posture

1. Arthritis Flare-Ups

If you have arthritis, maintaining proper posture is essential to keeping your joints healthy. Slouching, slumping, or holding your body in any other unnatural position places extra pressure on joints and can trigger inflammation. When you have chronic arthritis symptoms, a pain management assessment can isolate the problem area and determine how posture may be contributing to flare-ups.

2. Stress

Although stress is often considered to be strictly a mental health problem, it can also come about due to physical tension. Specifically, postural issues—especially those that occur during movement—can cause muscles to become tight and tender. As your body processes this physical tension, you may experience many other effects associated with stress—including fatigue, reduced immune health, and poor concentration.

3. Bad Circulation

Slouching, not relaxing your arms, and sitting on your legs are all postural issues that can impair your body’s circulation. When you engage in these actions, you interrupt the flow of blood and nutrients in your body. This can result in chronic pain, numbness, and the eventual development of varicose veins.

4. Chronic Headaches

pain managementIf you’re not sitting or standing properly, misaligned joints may eventually pinch your nerves and tense muscles may lead to trigger points that refer pain elsewhere in the body. When certain nerves are affected or trigger points develop, pain signals are often relayed to the brain, triggering frequent headaches and other forms of physical discomfort. Treating this problem often requires pain management care involving not only posture correction but also an assessment of pinched nerves.

5. Digestive Problems

When you slouch, you’re not only placing pressure on your spine—you’re also compressing all the internal organs in your abdominal cavity. Over time, the problem may contribute to gastrointestinal disruptions that may cause digestive issues and stomach pain.


Whether you want to relieve or prevent any of the above issues, Hands-On Health Massage & Physical Therapy in High Point, NC, is here to help you correct your posture and improve your overall health. Through non-medicated and non-invasive treatments—including trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage—these qualified specialists will help relieve physical pain and chronic health issues.  Through physical therapy and massage therapy, these professionals will retrain your body to help you find your ideal posture and restore your sense of wellness. For more details on these pain management services, visit this practice online. To schedule a convenient appointment with a friendly specialist, call (336) 906-2040.

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