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How to Use Colored Concrete as a Home Accent January 24, 2019

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How to Use Colored Concrete as a Home Accent, Windham, Connecticut

Colored concrete can be a significant upgrade to your home as it can boost curb appeal and increase resale value. But if you’re not ready to overhaul a large area with its vibrant hues, consider using it as an accent to spruce up the interiors or exteriors of your property. Below are a few ideas on how to use colored concrete in improving your home’s aesthetic.

5 Ways to Use Colored Concrete

1. Pools and Patio

Since shades of blue and green evoke an aquatic vibe, they are ideal for swimming pools, decks, and patios. Consider using vibrant turquoise on your flooring for in-ground pools to make them stand out. Complement this style with an olive color for either your walkway or patio, and use sandy hues for pool decks.  

2. Walkways and Driveways

Rich earth tones such as clay and brown lend a rustic charm to ranch and country-style homes so use them for driveways, walkways, and exterior walls. For Mediterranean and Tuscan-style houses, use warm hues such as rust and terracotta for pathways and outdoor steps.

3. Garden

colored concreteConcrete is great for dividing large spaces, such as gardens and yards. Inset materials such as stone or tiles on concrete paths to add a personal touch. Think about creating garden seats, water features, and plant holders using hues of terracotta, mustard, or rust to break up the greenery.   

4. Accent Walls

Inside your home, erect a colored concrete wall as an accent to add a unique element to your décor. Use olive or mustard to add a pop of color in a home with neutral style aesthetic. Black is great for a sleek modern design and ideal as a backdrop for bright, colored accent pieces such as furniture and wall hangings.

5. Countertops and Sinks

Many homeowners are incorporating this mixture into their kitchens and bathrooms to boost property value during home renovations. Instead of using the typical stone countertops, ceramic sinks, and enamel bathtubs, use colored concrete to customize your fixtures. You can have it installed in the color of your choice to match your home décor.



Colored concrete adds that extra touch of vibrancy and sophistication to your property. When you need cement or ready-mix concrete—no matter the color—trust Builder's Concrete East to deliver. As the leading concrete supplier in Windham, CT, they have provided residents and businesses with high-quality cement products such as concrete blocks and pavers for the past 50 years. Call (860) 456-4111 or visit their website for their list of products.

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