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3 Cheesy Dishes Vegetarians Can Enjoy January 24, 2019

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3 Cheesy Dishes Vegetarians Can Enjoy, North Gates, New York

If you eat a vegetarian diet, it’s crucial to find a restaurant that has a lunch menu with offerings you can enjoy. While many restaurants offer specific options under a vegetarian section on their lunch menu, there are several cheesy options that don’t contain meat on the regular menu that you can enjoy. Below are three delicious dishes you can enjoy. 

Vegetarians Can Enjoy These 3 Cheesy Foods

1. Mozzarella Sticks 

lunch menuIf you’re craving fried cheese, order a few mozzarella sticks off the lunch menu to satisfy your taste buds. To spice it up, add a homemade dipping sauce or sprinkle hot sauce on the sticks. Add an order of onion rings—a vegetarian-friendly treat—to balance the cheese and sauce mixture. 

2. Grilled Cheese Plate

Skip the ham and bacon and order a regular grilled cheese plate. This sandwich pairs well with a cup of baked beans on a cold day, or a glass of ice tea on a warm day. Other vegetarian-friendly sides include macaroni salad, french fries, or home fries. 

3. Pizza Logs

Do you love pizza but want a less messy, more portable meal from the lunch menu? Try the cheesy pizza logs. These round bites are the perfect shape to eat quickly in between chatting with friends or watching your favorite sports team. Order a side of fries or onion rings and some hot sauce to complete your meal. 



If you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a tasty lunch menu, head to Steve T. Hots & Potatoes in Rochester, NY. This family-owned establishment offers everything from mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers to hot dogs and homemade fries. Call (585) 429-6388 or visit the website for information on their homemade Steve T. Hot Sauce and enjoyable menu full of comfort food including all-veggie options, drinks, sides, and sandwiches.

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