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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home January 30, 2019

Yonkers, Westchester
5 Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home, Yonkers, New York

Garage doors offer both function and style to your property. While you need a door that safely opens and closes to store your vehicle and other items, you’ll also want a style that suits your architecture. Below are five tips for finding the right garage door for you.

How to Select the Right Garage Door for Your Property

1. Size

Standard garage doors are seven feet high by eight to nine feet wide. For double doors, the width is usually 16 feet. Measuring what you need, especially if you require a custom size, is a critical first step. This ensures you stay within your budget and understand your design options. 

2. Materials

Common materials for garage doors include wood, metal, or vinyl. While wood is durable and adds elegance that will boost curb appeal, it does require more maintenance to protect against exposure to the elements. Steel and aluminum are popular metal options. They come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home and require little upkeep. Steel is costlier, but also sturdier. Vinyl offers the durability and low maintenance of metal while mimicking the texture and appearance of wood. 

3. Insulation

When temperatures are regulated in your garage, your entire home will be better balanced and your utility bills will be more manageable. Look for an R-value of at least three, especially if you use your garage as a work space or if it has a living area directly over it.

4. Function

garage doorWhile manual garage doors are still available, current technology makes using your overhead door as easy as tapping an app on your smartphone. Garage door openers can be used remotely on internet-enabled devices. Many varieties give you extra security by allowing you to track who’s opening and closing them. When deciding if doors will roll up or swing out, consider the space available overhead and in front of your garage, along with the weight of the door. 

5. Curb Appeal

Garage doors come in an array of colors, from classic bright white to rich, earthy hues that add warmth and depth. For added visual appeal, include windows. There are many sizes, shapes, and configurations, from traditional rectangular panes to sleek vertical panels perfect for a contemporary home. Panel styles are also customizable, from vintage carriage house designs to modern flush panels that offer a minimalist, clean aesthetic. There’s also a range of hardware available, from ornate wrought handles to unobtrusive lifts. Choose a design that complements the rest of your property.


For all your garage door needs, trust the professional technicians of United Overhead Doors in Yonkers, NY. Their fleet of service trucks provides on-the-spot quotes for residential and commercial locations. Their factory-trained technicians will help with everything from choosing the right garage door to door opener replacement. They also offer emergency repair 24 hours a day. For more on their custom garage door options, call (914) 964-0038 or visit them online to view their inventory.

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