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Top 3 Home Maintenance Tasks to Avoid Bigger Problems January 24, 2019

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Top 3 Home Maintenance Tasks to Avoid Bigger Problems, Albemarle, North Carolina

Regular home maintenance not only helps keep your house and yard looking their best, but they also forestall problems that could result in the hassle and expense of a homeowners insurance claim. Below are some of the most important tasks around the house you must keep up with, as letting them go could result in damage.

3 Home Maintenance Tasks Needed to Avoid a Homeowners insurance Claim

1. Trim Branches Away From Roof

The constant scraping of branches against your roof or house can, over time, cause a great deal of wear and tear on the shingles or siding. This could eventually result in leaky areas and moisture damage. In addition to staining walls, ceilings, and floors, undetected moisture in a home can lead to mold growth, which can be expensive and difficult to remove.

2. Remove Dead or Dying Trees

Even trees that aren't in contact with your home can be a problem if they are dead, dying, or otherwise at risk of toppling. They could injure someone or fall onto your roof, garage, fence, or another structure. Maintain your property’s trees and have any that are at risk removed before they result in a homeowners insurance claim.

3. Clean & Service Gutters

Homeowners insurance in Albemarle, NCRain gutters collect water and direct it safely away from the house. If the troughs are clogged with leaves or the downspouts are not pointed in the right direction, rainwater can instead pool around the foundation of your house, seep into the concrete, and damage the foundation in winter when the moisture freezes and expands. Perhaps worse, if this problem is not addressed, you could experience basement flooding and all the problems that entails.

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