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How to Prepare Your Home for a Baby January 25, 2019

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Baby, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Planning to bring a new child into your home is a time of incredible excitement and stress. You want to be sure they have the perfect environment to thrive. Preparing ahead of time, from baby-proofing to planning home additions, ensures that you can focus on what matters when you bring that child home for the first time.

Baby Prep Checklist for Your House

1. Remove Hazards

Even if you will be bringing home a newborn, it’s best to prepare now for the fact that your child will be walking and moving independently in the future. After all, they grow quickly! Anchor the television and major furniture pieces such as dressers to the wall. Hide all electrical cords and put safety covers over unused outlets. Install fire screens in front of any fireplaces. Check that there are a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector where the baby will be sleeping.

2. Schedule Home Additions

home additionsOne of the most popular reasons for home additions is when a family is welcoming a new child. Whether you need an extra room for your older children or want to build a nursery for your new baby, the best time to hire a building contractor is now. The baby should have their own space so their sleep won’t be disturbed—quality rest is crucial to their development. 

3. Prepare the Nursery

As you prepare the nursery, buy the crib first. This is an investment piece, so you’ll want a high-quality model that has been tested and meets safety standards. Include a changing table with an odor-locking diaper pail, clothes hamper, and dresser within reach. A nightlight, a rocking chair, and a baby monitor will help you stay comfortable while caring for the baby.


If home additions are part of your baby preparations, call the team at Dahl Construction Company in Bayfield, WI. This remodeling contractor can handle projects of all scopes; so whether you want a simple nursery added or a complete home upgrade, they will make your dream a reality. These experts streamline the process for you and keep it on budget and time so you’ll be ready for your new addition. Browse their testimonials to see what to expect and call (715) 779-36300 to request a free estimate.

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