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What Are the Differences Between Ballet & Barre? January 24, 2019

St. Charles, St. Charles
What Are the Differences Between Ballet & Barre?, St. Charles, Missouri

Both ballet and barre fitness classes use a floor or wall-mounted horizontal bar as training equipment to promote good posture and alignment. However, that doesn’t mean both classes teach the same disciplines. To learn more about the differences and similarities between barre and ballet, consider the valuable information below. 


Barre classes use Pilates and ballet-inspired movements to create a full-body workout. It focuses on isometric movements that involve low resistance and high repetitions to burn fat, tone muscles, and increase flexibility. Because barre fitness focuses on small muscle movement, there is less chance of an injury. Though a mounted barre is a prop for stretching and strengthening, it is not the only equipment you’ll use in a barre class. Mats, light hand weights, and balls may also be used.

barreParticipants in these classes are generally expected to wear clothes that fit close to the body so that instructors can ensure you are making the right alignments and movements. Shoes, though, are not required. Some fitness studios allow bare feet or socks with grips on the sole. 


Ballet classes teach an art form. Though dancers will lose weight and gain flexibility with ballet, it is not meant to be a workout. It is a way to convey thought and emotions through unnatural body movements that take years to perfect. Ballet dancers use the barre as a way to train and maintain their balance during practice. 

Ballet classes enforce strict dress codes that require the participant to wear ballet shoes and a leotard and tights. However, some beginner classes may be more relaxed on the required attire, but shoes are always a must.


Looking for an inviting, judgment-free environment to increase your flexibility and strength? If so, Barre Harmony is the place for you. As St. Charles, MO’s go-to fitness studio, women of all fitness levels can take part in a variety of affordable classes taught by skilled instructors, including barre and beginner yoga. Call (636) 209-4817 to speak with a friendly instructor about their workout options or visit them online for more details.

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