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3 Clues That You Need Transmission Repair January 25, 2019

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3 Clues That You Need Transmission Repair, Burlington, Kentucky

Over the years, your car’s transmission will inevitably start to take on some wear and tear. The more you know about typical warning signs of damage, the faster you’ll be able to schedule a transmission repair and return your vehicle to a safe condition. Here are three indicators that your transmission is malfunctioning.

How to Know It’s Time for a Transmission Repair

1. Grinding Sounds

When you’re switching gears, always pay attention when you hear any unusual sounds. The transition between gears should be smooth and effortless, but a grinding sound is a tell tale sign of a deteriorating transmission. You’ll need a mechanic to investigate your planetary gear system to conduct the transmission repair — if even one ring breaks down, the whole system will be under strain.

2. Slipping Gears

transmission repairIf you notice that your gear shifted without being touched, it’s not just your imagination playing tricks. That slippage starts to happen when transmission fluid levels are low, resulting in overheating, high friction, and unpredictability. When you can no longer count on your gears, it’s time for a transmission repair to resolve this serious safety concern.

3. Leaking Fluid

You can tell there’s a problem with the transmission if you discover fluid under the car. Transmission fluid is easy to spot — it’s bright red. When a seal fails and the liquid starts flowing outward, it will no longer be able to lubricate your transmission, leading to intense friction.


If your foreign vehicle needs transmission repair, head over to a respected import auto shop like Superior Imports Ltd in Burlington, KY. Serving the community since 1974, the locally-owned and-operated car repair company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® and deploys only ASE and Bosch-certified mechanics. You can set up an appointment with the veteran crew by calling (859) 586-7444 or by visiting their website.    

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