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A Beginner's Guide to Geothermal Systems January 29, 2019

Farmersville, Montgomery
A Beginner's Guide to Geothermal Systems, Farmersville, Ohio

There are several options to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, like traditional fireplaces and modern heat pumps. A geothermal system is an option that takes advantage of natural resources to provide reliable heating and cooling. Here’s what you need to know to decide whether this setup is right for you.

Geothermal FAQ

What is it?

Geothermal systems use a long loop of piping, which is buried underground to circulate water or refrigerant under your home. It picks up heat from the ground and transfers it indoors, or vice versa depending on whether you’re using it for heating or cooling.

How does it work?

geothermalAir conditioners and heat pumps provide power by circulating refrigerant fluid, compressing and decompressing it to manipulate the temperature. This is less effective when the climate is extreme; however, below the soil, the ground stays at a nearly constant temperature for the entire year, providing a convenient heat source despite the weather.

Why choose geothermal?

This system produces three to four times more heat when compared to traditional systems, making it energy efficient and cost-effective. It’s also a clean, environmentally friendly approach because closed geothermal loops don’t exchange water or air with the environment. Finally, these heat pumps are reversible, providing both heating and cooling in one unit for convenience.

What maintenance is needed?

Your geothermal pump equipment is protected from the weather, making it easy to maintain and extending its life span longer than other heating and cooling appliances. It’ll require regular maintenance to keep it performing at peak efficiency, so plan to have it inspected and serviced once a year.


If you want to install a geothermal system, contact the expert contractors at Cowboy's Heating & Air in Florence, KY. For over 10 years, these certified professionals have offered HVAC repair, 24-hour emergency services, and ductwork and geothermal system installation to residents and businesses throughout the community. Dedicated to customer service, their detail-oriented team will provide a cost estimate and talk you through the process before starting. Send a message online or call (937) 604-1541 for a free quote.

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