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When Should You Replace Your Home's Insulation? January 22, 2019

When Should You Replace Your Home's Insulation?, ,

Your home's insulation is one of its first lines of defense against hot and cold temperatures. When operating properly, it prevents heat transfer and keeps your home comfortable without using excessive energy for heating and cooling. However, insulation contractors recommend you replace the existing layers occasionally to increase functionality, improve indoor air quality, and save on HVAC costs. Below are some of the signs you need new insulation.

4 Times You Need to Replace Your Home’s Insulation

1. Age

If your home was built before or during the 1970s and the insulation has not been replaced since construction, it's time to do so now. Since the 1970s, the insulation industry has seen numerous advances in technology that make current products far more efficient and environmentally friendly.

2. SnowmeltInsulation contractors in Lakeville, MN

When your home is properly insulated, snow should accumulate on the roof and not melt until outdoor temperatures rise above freezing. If snow melts off your roof quickly, it means heat transfer is occurring. Your home may simply be underinsulated and need an additional layer, but you may also need to replace the existing material. Have your home inspected by an insulation contractor, and they can advise you how best to proceed.

3. Pest Infestations

If your home has had a pest infestation, you may need to replace your existing insulation. Mice, rats, and other rodents tend to nest in attic insulation. They not only tear it up and make it less effective, but they also leave droppings and urine that can spread disease.

4. Water Leaks

A roof leak often results in attic dampness and mold growth. If moisture has collected in your insulation, it may be harboring mold and mildew, and spores may be causing members of your family to have allergic reactions or respiratory problems.


When it's time to replace your home's insulation, contact BullDog Contractors, the premier insulation contractor in Lakeville, MN, for assistance. They have been serving Dakota County for years and now maintain branches in Centennial, CO, and Plano, TX. They also specialize in windows, siding, gutters, storm damage repair, and insurance recovery. Visit their website to submit an information request or call (612) 799-8707 to schedule a consultation with an insulation contractor.

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