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5 Ways Single Parents Can Simplify a Move January 23, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
5 Ways Single Parents Can Simplify a Move , Manhattan, New York

When you’re a single parent, navigating the logistics of a move can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, with planning and help from a trusted moving service, you can make the experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. To help you relocate with greater peace of mind, here are a few important tips single parents should consider during a move.

Moving Tips for Single Parents

1. Be Open & Honest With Kids

Since change can be disruptive to children, it’s important to tell your kids about your relocation plans as soon as possible and with a positive attitude. Encourage your little ones to ask questions and to bring up concerns so that you can work together to find suitable solutions and look forward to making an exciting transition.

2. Involve Older Kids in Packing

Not having another adult to help you pack can be stressful—especially if you’re juggling everyday parenting responsibilities. However, there are many ways that kids can assist with the process. Older kids, for example, can be responsible for packing their own bedrooms or cleaning the home for move-out.  

3. Label Boxes 

moving serviceAfter moving into your new home, it won’t be long before your family needs an item that’s packed away. For easier retrieval, label all your boxes with details on who owns the items, what room they belong in, and what specific objects are inside. As you or a moving service load the truck, keep all your boxes together by room. This will ensure that all items end up where they're supposed to go.

4. Use Storage to Stay Organized  

Between enrolling kids in new schools and setting up utility services, you might not feel like you have enough time to properly organize your home after a move. To take the stress out of the equation, consider moving only important items first while keeping non-essentials in a rented storage space. Once you’ve locked down your new home’s layout, you can retrieve these boxes and unpack them in an organized fashion.

5. Hire a Professional

When juggling work or parental duties has you struggling to find time to pack, you should hire a moving service. Equipped with big trucks, packing supplies, and skilled laborers, professional movers will streamline the entire process and do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other priorities.


Serving the Manhattan, NY, community, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is an exceptional resource for any parent planning a move. Whether you’re staying in New York City or planning a long-distance relocation, these professionals offer comprehensive services to keep you on schedule, pack your belongings safely, and load and unload your truck. In addition to moving services, this company also offers affordable, flexible warehouse storage solutions to simplify your transition. Visit this provider online to learn more about their services or call (212) 651-7273 to request a free estimate for your upcoming move.

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