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4 Essential Pieces of Equipment Needed for Logging January 23, 2019

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4 Essential Pieces of Equipment Needed for Logging, Morehead, Kentucky

Logging is a labor-intensive activity where having the right equipment and tools yields a significant difference in results. From heavy machinery to hand tools, you must have a wide variety of quality logging supplies to effectively cut down timber in the safest, fastest way possible. Below is a list of logging equipment that you must have before taking to the woods.

4 Essential Logging Tools and Equipment

1. Chainsaw

Among the key logging supplies to have is a chainsaw. Often used as a powerful, speedier alternative to axes because of its motor and durable chains, it is used for notching, cutting, and felling trees. It will also work for bucking logs into specified lengths. When choosing a chainsaw, look for industrial grade types with sharp chain blades and an 18-inch guide bar.

2. Log Splitter

logging suppliesAlthough hand tools like axes and mauls are helpful for small jobs, some companies use specialized machinery for faster and more accurate splitting. These machines can be powered by hydraulics, electricity, or petroleum for automatic operations. Before investing in one, determine your normal capacity, wood type, and log thickness to find the right equipment for your splitting operations.

3. Sharpeners

Chainsaws and other cutting tools become dull over time with constant use. Although they can still cut trees and split logs, they are inefficient and dangerous because they may buckle while in use. Avoid accidents and injuries by sharpening the edges. There are different types of files that you can use, such as round and flat, for manual sharpening. Consider investing in a chainsaw chain sharpener, which screws onto a rotary tool. Its grinding wheel sharpens each cutter like a round file will.

4. Safety Equipment

Logging comes with inherent hazards, so it’s important to wear protective gear while at work. Invest in durable trousers, brightly colored jackets or reflective vests, chainsaw boots, and thick working gloves. Equip yourself with tight-fitting goggles to shield your eyes against debris and sawdust, and wear ear protection for canceling out noise while sawing.


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