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3 Items You Should Store In a Home Vault January 23, 2019

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3 Items You Should Store In a Home Vault, Preston, Connecticut

Although installing tamper-resistant locks and video surveillance equipment should deter intruders, you should still take measures to protect the inside of your home in the event of a break-in. Placing a vault or safe in a discreet area will reduce the risk of burglars stealing your valuable possessions. When deciding what to place in the secure box, add the below items to the inventory.  

Store These 3 Items in A Home Vault

1. Important Documents

vaultAll official, government-issued documents, including passports, birth certificates, and social security cards, should be kept in the box. This will reduce the risk of someone accessing the sensitive information and stealing your identity. Having all the paperwork in one place also eliminates the chance of misplacing documents. Additionally, property titles and insurance policies should be kept in folders in the container. This way, you won’t have to worry about legal and financial information they contain getting in the wrong hands. As many vaults are fire-proof, the papers won’t get destroyed if a fire spreads through the house.

2. Firearms

Although you might own firearms to protect your family, guns can be deadly in untrained hands. To prevent life-threatening accidents, keep guns stored away in the security box. If it requires keys to open, keep them with you on a keychain or put them in a hard-to-find place at home. This will prevent youngsters from getting the keys, unlocking the vault, tampering with firearms, and getting hurt. If equipment has a keypad, only share the code with other responsible adults in the house.   

3. Heirlooms & Collectibles

Although your insurance company could cover the cost of replacing expensive merchandise after a burglary, they won’t be able to replace the sentimental value of belongings. If you have heirlooms and other possessions that have great significance to your family, find a security box large enough to store them in. If you collect any rare items, store them in a vault as well. 



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