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Fun Facts About 4 Common Eye Colors January 24, 2019

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Fun Facts About 4 Common Eye Colors, Greece, New York

Since eye color is a polygenic trait, the particular hue of your eyes may be a mix of both of your parents. Although most people don’t think much about their eye colors, each hue has a variety of interesting facts. Here are fun facts about a few common eye colors, and how they can impact your visits to the eye doctor

1. Green  

If you have green eyes, you are blessed with a rare trait. Only about 2% of the population has green eyes, and the shade is a result of having a yellow stoma. Unlike darker eye colors, babies don’t have green eyes when they are born. In fact, they can take months to develop, and the eyes may appear blue at first. Since people with green eyes are more likely to develop some types of eye cancers, your eye doctor may recommend more frequent exams. 

2. Brown

Brown eyes have an excess of melanin in the iris. Consequently, people with brown eyes also tend to have higher melanin levels in their skin, leading to a darker skin color and fewer sunburns. People with brown eyes are also less likely to have hearing problems and experience eye pain than people with other colors, making eye care appointments easier. 

3. Blue

eye careAlthough blue eyes can look bright enough that they appear artificially dyed, blue eyes don’t actually contain any blue pigment at all. In fact, for an eye to be blue, the iris must have a completely colorless stoma and a lack of additional collagen deposits. People who have blue eyes may be more sensitive to light and also tend to have better night vision. Eye care appointments can be difficult for people with blue eyes because doctors shine light into the eye to diagnose conditions. 

4. Hazel

Hazel eyes can appear gold, flecked green, light brown, or even have spots of blue. Hazel is a combination of colors created by spots of different hues in the eye’s stoma. Hazel eyes can also appear differently depending on the light the person is in, making them particularly interesting. 


No matter your eye color, you can always find excellent medical care at Reed Eye Associates in Monroe County, NY. As eye doctors who can help with everything from vision exams and glaucoma care to prescription sunglasses and vision emergencies, you’ll always get the help you need. With six convenient locations in Batavia, Irondequoit, Newark, Perinton, Greece, and Sodus, scheduling your next appointment with an eye doctor is as easy as visiting their website or giving one of their offices a call at (585) 409-2020.

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