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5 Signs You Need Glasses January 23, 2019

Fort Smith, Sebastian
5 Signs You Need Glasses, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Unless you’ve been a longtime glasses wearer, the signs of worsening vision may be unfamiliar to you. Oftentimes, symptoms of imperfect vision creep up over time, and are not always recognizable in the beginning. In fact, some of the signs can be confused for other conditions. Find out whether you could be an ideal candidate for prescription eyewear with the helpful indicators below.

Do You Need Glasses? Watch Out for These Signs

1. Impaired Night Vision

If driving at nighttime has become challenging, you may be nearsighted. This occurs when the eyes struggle to make out faraway shapes, especially after dark, resulting in eye-straining. Luckily, impaired night vision is often easily resolved with a trip to the eye doctor’s office, where you’ll undergo an exam to determine whether you need prescription eyewear.

2. Blurry Vision

When people struggle to read objects up close, it’s commonly described as hyperopia. More commonly known as farsightedness, this condition affects up to 10% of the population and can occur in adults or children. Nearsightedness, on the other hand, impacts up to 25% of Americans, and is commonly diagnosed during childhood. 

3. Recurrent Headaches

glassesWhile there are a number of potential causes for headaches, one common culprit is vision problems. When your vision is imperfect, your eyes have to work much harder than they should for simple tasks such as reading, watching television, or looking at your phone. If you find yourself getting headaches after these activities, you may notice improvement after wearing glasses.

4. Holding Items Too Close or Far Away

If you’ve found yourself having to hold objects such as books or menus closer or further away, it’s a likely indication you need corrective eyewear. Likewise, take note if you find yourself zooming in or out on your computer or phone screen. This, too, could indicate vision problems.

5. Squinting Eyes

Squinting can help you temporarily focus on what you’re trying to see or read, though it isn’t a long-term solution for impaired vision. There are many issues that can result, including headaches and eye strain. If you notice yourself squinting often, visit an eye care specialist for an exam.


Whether you’ve worn prescription eyewear for most of your life or you’re just noticing signs that you might need glasses, Graham Optical in Greenwood, AR, has you covered. This vision center has served residents of Sebastian County since 1964 with an extensive range of services, including comprehensive eye exams, diagnosing and management of eye diseases, and prescription eyewear. Send their team a message online or call (479) 996-2441 to schedule an appointment today.

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