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Home Electrical Safety Tips From The Electricians at NJF Electrical Services July 15, 2015

Branford, New Haven County
Home Electrical Safety Tips From The Electricians at NJF Electrical Services, Branford, Connecticut

A home’s electrical system provides a family with everything from entertainment (via computers and televisions), to comfortable temperatures (via the HVAC systems and fans), clean clothes, lights, cold food and more! Because a household depends on its electrical system to be up and running, it’s good to make sure to practice proper electrical safety to make sure the system isn’t overloaded or damaged. With over 30 years of experience, NJF Electrical Services in Branford, East Haven knows how to make sure your home electrical system is functioning safely.


  • Appliances: Unplug unused appliances and stash cords out of the way so they can’t be tripped over, played with or chewed on. Consider using Velcro cable ties to keep cords neat. Any appliances that produce heat (particularly electronic items such as computers) should be given space for air to circulate, and never drape fabric or other items over them.
  • Cords: The cords found on each electrical appliance or item in the home should be free of frays, cracks, or kinks. Cords should always be firmly plugged into outlets and removed by grabbing at the head of the plug (not the cable itself). Also, never staple or nail cords into position at any time or place them beneath rugs where they can cause a tripping hazard or build up heat.
  • Outlets: Never put any object other than the correct sized plug into an outlet; also, avoid overloading outlets with multiple adapters or power strips. Keep outlets covered with secure plates to protect wiring, and consider covering unused outlets with childproof caps.

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