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How to Choose Between Chlorine & Salt Water Pools January 23, 2019

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How to Choose Between Chlorine & Salt Water Pools, 10, Illinois

Swimming pool installation can be exciting. It provides additional space for the family to hang out, and offers opportunities to have friends over for a fun summer afternoon. However, with the variety of options that are available, it can be difficult to determine the best method for keeping the water clear. Since chlorine and salt water are the top choices in the market, here’s a brief comparison that will provide the information you need to make a final decision.

How Does a Chlorine Pool Work?

swimming pool installationSwimming pools that use chlorine require additional chemicals to maintain a clean appearance. Homeowners can easily determine which ones to purchase by using a test kit or taking a sample to the local pool supply store every two to three weeks. The results will reveal the exact products that they need to add in order to achieve the perfect pH balance in the water.

Keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule and you should have nothing to worry about. One of the downsides to these types of swimming pool installations is that the level of chlorine can cause the skin to dry out and cause your pool shell or liner to fade. 

How Does a Salt Water Pool Work?

Rather than adding in a mixture of chemicals, salt water pools rely on a salt generator to maintain consistent levels within the water. This device takes the salt that’s been added to the pool and breaks it down through a process called electrolysis. The low levels of chlorine that this produces will filter back into the pool and keep unsightly algae from forming on the surface of the water.

While the upfront cost of the generator alone is slightly more than other types of swimming pool installations, there’s no need to purchase additional chemicals throughout the summer season. This will help to cut down on operation costs and could provide a simple solution for maintaining the condition of the water.  A salt water pool is quickly becoming the choice for most customers due to it’s ease of maintenance and the benefits to your skin and hair. 


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